Sunday, 31 January 2016

week in pictures...

Burns night

exciting first teaching experience

a break in the weather


being inspired

date night 

Hope you had the most fab week too!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Throw back Thursday...

One of my favourite pictures of the girls,
hopefully one day to become a screen print.

I just love how they've stopped to watch the Canadian Geese swim past.
wonder what they're thinking.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Book Inspiration...

So inspired by this gorgeous find in a second hand book shop,
Brian Wildsmith is a genius talent...

I love the textures, colour and energy in his work mixed with graphic block shapes,
such an inspiration, ( I really do love his work, can you tell!?)

Here's Brian Wildsmith's website.

and look at the gorgeous inscription on the inside cover,

Happy Days indeed!

Monday, 25 January 2016

start the week on a song!...

This always makes me smile,
I just love Pearl Carr's face when she's looking at the the little birdie, fab!

Put your rose tinted's on and enjoy,
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Portfolio time...

I'm up early getting my portfolio ready for the illustration showcase 
at the agency in London tonight.

I think it's quite a rare thing these days to have an actual portfolio with physical art in it 
and not a little i-pad to scroll through to show your work.

But I think there's something special about a tradition portfolio,

It's lovely to be up close to the actual art and see all the detail, each pencil stroke and
the tactile-ness of each layer of acrylic and the hand made warmth of each piece.

Call me old fashioned, but despite the lugging around of an A2 portfolio on the tube,
wiping 4 people out every time I turn around and trying to be careful where not to
prod the corners at rush hour,
it's all still worth it!

The hardest thing is deciding what pieces to keep in and what to take out...

I just love doing fabric collage illustration! and want to build up another portfolio of this style.

I painted up Rodney this weekend!

Because my portfolio is predominantly screen printing I wanted to show that I love to paint and draw as well, and I'm taking along one of my sketch books to back this up.
I realised whilst painting Rodney how much I missed painting and loved getting my old Karisma pencils out!

I was inspired by the Axel Scheffler ( the creator of the Gruffalo ) talk I went to last Monday at the Book Club in Shoreditch London, organised by Nosy Crow.
It inspired me to force some time to start painting again and Rodney is the result!

OK, time to jump on a train and knock a few people out!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hello 2016!

First day back!
 After consuming my own body weight in Ferrero Rocher I have now weaned myself off the fabulous Christmas delights and slowly eased myself into the creative flow, 
starting with a cuppa of zen tea!

Yesterday me and Son were listening to the radio in the car as they asked their listeners what New Years resolutions they had made for 2016. 

There was the usual mix of giving up alcohol, doing more exercise, less social media, abstaining from Ferrero Rocher's etc... When one lady mailed in and said in her house they don't have New Years resolutions, they just pick a word to live the year by, last years was gratitude and this years word for her was Love.

Sonny and I thought that was a wonderful idea and started to think of words to use as our 
guide through 2016. 
We came up with a big list, friends, hope, happiness, Ninjaro Lego, smiling, dancing, chocolate, sharing... Sonny decided his word would be 'Helpful' and my word is 'Giving'. 

So on our shopping trip Sonny helped me carry bags and held doors and I gave 
money into charity boxes and it felt good.

So, as a thank you for a wonderful 2015 I'm giving 20% off all prints and cards in my

Etsy shop

just enter the code   HAPPYNEWYEAR16   at the checkout!

Here's wishing you a very happy and healthy 2016,
full of adventures, good friends, laughs and happy days!