Friday, 21 February 2014

Bobbing the kettle on...


.... I'll just bob the kettle on, old jingle style...


New screen print for a lovely Etsy customer,
This was the first screen print I ever did!
I can't believe I've been screen printing five years now! and I still love it!

We're heading down to Oxford to stay with lovely friends this weekend  and have a Lebanese inspired birthday party! 
Have a wonderful weekend whether you're eating felafel's and belly dancing 
( my expectations of this party maybe a little creative!) 
or just putting the kettle on.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

the calling of the sea...

 I'm hearing the calling of the sea and the need to feel the sand between my toes 
( and not be wearing 2 pairs of thick thermal socks! )
I'm feeling the pull of Runswick Bay and Shell Island!... and maybe the Mediterranean coast!

Well, it's half term next week, maybe I'll jump on the train with the kids to the coast for a blast of salty sea air and some chish and fips, 
although I reckon it maybe a little too cold to remove my toes from my socks!!

This was an experimental print I did last year, one of four, each of which all are different. 
I've screen printed each separate sandy element, shape, rock, fossil and pebble at different angles and overlapped them to give the impression of a sandy beach, it's colours and textures and it's ever changing nature.

I'm feeling a little all work and no play at the mo so looking forward to a few days of quality time next week!
Happy days!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

dance lessons...

Hope everyone had a snogtastically romantical valentines day!
(despite this crazy weather!)

Even the all weather astro turf is deemed too dangerous to play on today!

Thank the lord!

Although ( luckily ) I wasn't on duty this morning, I'm working, but as much as I love to support my boy and scream "go on sonny" every time his feet touch the ball like a woman possessed as it says to do in the "very proud Mum"  handbook, rule no.42, it's no fun when the rain is coming at you horizontal and you can't feel your toes though the 3 pairs of socks!

I don't reckon I'll be able to scream at the side of the pitch when Sonny's beyond the age of 12,
after that Sonny will pretend he doesn't know me and has never seen me in his life before and will get in his mates Dads car at the end of the match for a lift home due to the embarrassment and shame.
I'm finding out that teenager's are very embarrassed of their parents, 
Lily has given strict instruction for Chris not to talk to Cassius ( our cat ) when her friends are around and for me not to dance in the Kitchen ... although I can cut a rug and bust some shapes with the best of 'em!........ you'd think we were crazy or something?.... I take lesson's from the best.....

                           .... come on, everyone likes to do the camel walk and a bit of the robot, don't they?

stay safe and warm today it's going to be another wet and blustery one,
stay indoors put your music on full blast and get dizzy doing the voodoo :)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Days...

New colour ways for these soul mates and their little bubs,
happy days!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Monday, 3 February 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choy!!

A fab Sunday was had in Manchester's China town with friends celebrating the Chinese new Year of the Horse, which is Skyla's year.

It was the best one yet! 

Above is Harvey Nicks' amazing window display, photo's don't give it justice.

The streets were decorated with lanterns and were heaving with crowds of people chasing the dragon and lion dancers.

Ah and we were so lucky!
 The dragon and lion seemed to following us not the other way around and came into the restaurant we were in to eat it's lucky lettuce!!
The dancing is so full of energy, I love it!

Then we went into the fantastic Manchester city art gallery which is on the edge of China town to see the last day of the Grayson Perry exhibition, 

( which is amazing!  and so fascinating, if you ever get a chance to see it as it tours round do! 
The documentary that goes with the exhibition is about taste, called " It's all done in the best possible taste" 
It's so interesting to see the stories and inspiration behind his tapestries, also did the Reith lectures, listen here they're great )

the lion came in to dance and eat another lettuce offering! 

( You can just see Son and Sky top middle ) 
Sky was videoing it all on her phone and the lion came right over her head and up to the screen! She was thrilled!

     nom nom nom nom .....

Goodies bought from a couple of the wonderful super markets there.

The kids were particularly intrigued by this lemon-grass drink which they all agreed looked like frog spawn! but is in the fridge chilling nicely for us to try tonight!

And to top it all my fortune cookie said
"You will be successful in your work"
Happy days!