Sunday, 29 September 2013

sign of the times...

Me and Sky keep setting up little Playmobil scenes to photograph and then sell on Ebay to make space and earn some pocket money. I feel quite sad that the girls have grown out of all their toys and just want ipods and 'that's what I call Ibiza 452' ... I was very happy to let the 16 crazy hair cut Barbie's go but I'm not letting the Lego though, no way, I love it!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Be fab...

Yesterday I was the queen of multi-tasking,
helping Lil with fractions homework, helping Son make Tutankhamen (kicking myself I didn't take a pic before if was gracefully shoved into a co-op carrier and walked to school), made spinach soup and sausage pasta, picked picture frames up, planed screen prints, ironed uniform, put 2 washes on, 
etc etc etc etc ect......

today I'm living by this quote!
So after a morning swim and walk, 
I'm all ready to start the day fabulously!
Have a fab day!

Monday, 23 September 2013

ok, ok OK!...

Who put their finger on Septembers fast forward button? 
come on, who was it...

...own up now,

who ever it was, it was very naughty of you, and I might just have to take serious action,

we need to slow it down, breath, pause and meditate,

less of the painting, clearing, spring cleaning in Autumn,

because before you know it Christmas will be upon us!

So who ever did it, can you now press the rewind button or pause because I'm just not ready for October yet, need to fit in a few more Septembery things in because life's so fab and busy it's just spinning by!

Slow down September I want to get off!
Anyone else feel the same?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Happy Birdy... my gorgeous Dad xx
It was beautiful and sunny on the school run this morning but it's definitely 
feeling Autumnal ( love that word along with Doolalitap )
Catching up with listing cards I've printed and slowly getting the shop up to date,
have a happy day :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Calling of the sea.....

Ahhh, is summer really coming to an end? 
It's been such an amazing British summer!

 September always feels like all change to me, new term, new season, 
pack away the sun dresses and stock up on hot chocolate. I even made a winter veg and lentil soup last night! ( but the heating hasn't come on yet my other half will be pleased to hear! )

We went to Runswick Bay last week, my fave seaside spot,
We collected lots of shells and fossils, and it inspired me to finish this print yesterday.

Can you see whose sunny face inspired the print!

Have a lovely weekend:)