Monday, 24 September 2012

Simple pleasures...

This screen print I did last Thursday seems very appropriate for the wonderful September Autumnal 'back to school' weather we seem to be having today, 
wish I could have packed a bit of that blue sky Mediterranean weather from Sicily in my suitcase...... just a distant memory now!
No such thing as bad weather just wrong clothes, 
we should look at life through the eyes of a child.
This is Sonny, and is called simple pleasures ..... some of which includes picking his nose and shooting the cat, Cassius, with his Nerf gun, but I didn't think they would make as good a screen prints as jumping in puddles!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

'aint no mountain high enough...

(A few of the gang at Bexley wing at Jimmy's before we set off)

We've had a fab adventure! 
seen some amazing things and been lucky enough to meet some incredibly lovely inspirational people,
go put the kettle on, make yourself comfy as I show you a few snaps and hope it gives you a feel of the trek......



The top of vesuvius looking down the crator

me and Lorraine at the top of Vesuvius
(think I win the knobbly knees contest)

sun rise on Stromoli

At the top of Stromboli in the dark being showered with ash

lava action on Stromboli

we ate fresh figs that grew on the volcano, they were gorgeous!
The soil is very fertile because of all the minerals from the volcanic rock



a lava bomb from Etna's 2002 eruption

lava flow from Etna's 2002 eruption

burnt trees

back home at 3am to a gorgeous welcome!
pinch me, did it really happen?

I feel so lucky and privileged to have been a part of this trek,
to say what I was doing last year, what a contrast!
and a fab one,
life's good,
one life live it was the moto of some fellow trekkers,
too right!
sign me up for the next challenge!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

This is it!

I'm all packed,
a little giddy and a little bit nervous too,
but I'll be fuelled with pride at how lucky I am to be here to do this challenge and to have amazing friends and family that have not just generously donated to but encouraged and supported me so fantastically....

This monies will help Yorkshire Cancer Centre continue there fantastic work supporting cancer patients and there families and research.

Thank you thank you thank you,
I wish you were all coming with me to share the experience:)
OK off to tackle 3 lively Italian volcanoes,
wish me luck!x

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Autumn thoughts

Autumn thoughts,
My new screen print,
created from this sketch.
I'm really pleased with the circular movement around the girls head, it's worked out well!

Eeeeee, I'm getting a bit giddy and nervous now, not long to the trek just 4 days left!
Off to pack my walking poles, head torch lucozade tablets now!

Monday, 3 September 2012

a race for...

...a cure!
Well done to everyone who did the race for life on Saturday!

I wore my special t-shirt!

Lil came 10th! fantastic!
Lil did the 5k in 24 mins, I did it 35! I was so proud of myself as I've been suffering a little from fatigue, but managed to do it all without stopping! double fantastic!

Everyone did champion! 
Thanks fab friends for your support and well done everyone, and massive thanks to everyone who sponsored Sky and Lil xx raising money for an ace cause:)