Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A little birdy told me

A new card I screen printed last Thursday.
It feels good to grab the squeegie again!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Mr blue bird on my shoulder...

...yes he is! and he won't stop singing, fab!
I was back in the printing room last Thursday screen printing these cards to help raise funds for my 3 Volcano Trek. The image is taken from an existing screen print I did a couple of years ago. 
I think it's perfect for how I'm feeling right now and a fab positive image to send someone through the post!

You can purchase a bit of Zip a dee at my Etsy & Folksy shops.
All the moneys from these cards will go towards the 3 Volcano challenge cancer Trek :)
Thank you to all who have visited my JustGiving page and donated, I'm truly grateful for your kindness and support:)
Well, with an over exaggerated spring in my step and a quick silly chim-chimeny stylie side clicky of my heels I'm going to tackle my 6 foot long to-do list!
Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

A challenge!

When I was going for my radiotherapy at Jimmy's in Leeds my Dad picked up a leaflet for the 3 Volcano Trek in Italy, to raise funds for Yorkshire Cancer Centre, based at Jimmy's.

"You should do this" he said.

My initial reaction was to laugh, 
then I thought, yeah, why not? what's stopping me?
I've been looked after by the most wonderful nurses... with halo's and wings, and amazing Doctors with fabulous skills and knowledge to guide me through my cancer journey and now the big treatments finished, what next? 
I want to give something back and carry on fighting and help others who's outcomes aren't as positive as mine. 

I'm only going to trek up 3 volcano's!!
Vesuvius, Stromboli and Mount Etna!
can you believe it!!
eeeee bit giddy!

So today I started my training, Oh yes watch out Etna!
I walked up and down the Holme Valley for two and a half hours, fab! (notice the eyebrows are coming back! yay! come on eyelashes don't let the brows beat you into luscious loveliness!!)

I'm nervous and giddy about the whole thing,
fundraising is new to me, 
I love organising nights out for friends and kids but this is a whole new ball game!

So, I'll map out my creative fundraising on here so you can see how I do,
I'd love any ideas and suggestions you have to help me reach my target, you've all been so ace at supporting me:)
To start with, 
all money made from my Free Spirit screen print will go towards my 3 Volcano's Trek, challenge cancer funds, 
 I plan to do another screen print and a card too, any suggestions of subject matter would be very gratefully received :)
You can get Free Spirit from my Etsy & Folksy shops.

Also I have set up a JustGiving page with more info on and where donations can be made,
 no matter how small all donations are received gratefully:)

Wooo! I've done it! I've taken on the challenge!
let's kick some more cancer bottom!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Free Spirit

I went screen printing for the first time in 8 months!
I screen printed this free spirit which is what I aspire to be!
All moneys from the sale of this print will go to Yorkshire Cancer Centre, reg. charity no. 1075308,
you can buy Free Spirit at my Etsy shop and my Folksy shop :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

how important are your eyebrows?...

...in the big scheme of things? eh?

My eyebrows are falling out at an alarming rate which I'm not happy about.

I got really cross with them on Saturday and said 
"Look fella's, you've had 5 months to fall out, 5 blooooming month whilst having treatment, but you hung on in there, for grim life, and I'm proud of you for that, I truly am, and very grateful for your co-operation after my prayers to the big eyebrow upstairs, 
but really, 
now all the treatment has finished you've gone all relaxed and floppy and just plain lazy, with "I can't be bothered to stay and work hard at being good brows" kind of attitude and it just won't do. 
Now I'm not asking much, I'm not expecting you to become the Gallagher of eyebrows over night, but come on fella's, you lasted so long don't give up on me now!!?"

But alas,
 like many unruley eyebrows mine have selective hearing and would rather leave the nest and explore the world, and it's so hard for me to say good bye and let go, 
and my eyelashes have decided to do the same, bugger!

Oh well, 
like I said before, looks are not everything and as you know I'm Angelina Jolie within so untill the little baby ones that are now starting to grow get bigger I'm going to go for the above look Sonny suggested to me, play dough, a million and one uses,
what do you think?

Thursday, 2 February 2012

nice weather we're having today....

We've had a slight smattering of snow on them there hills,
 ( 'Smattering' being a proper weather type word so sorry for showing off and getting too technical ) 
Which looks gorgeous with the winter sun on it, 
( above the veiw from our house this morning )
 But 'by gum' it's fresh! brass monkeys fresh!
lovely though,
and that concludes the weather report for today!