Thursday, 29 September 2011

head gear...

I am now officially follicley challenged ... to say the least! 
Chris has actually shaved all my hair off! so I now I look like...

Oh I wish! 
how beautiful does Sinead O'Connor look!

No not as glam, but we had a laugh doing it, and a few tears,
Sonny says I look cool! 'bald is beautiful' he said and then said, 'please mum, can I show all my mates!!'
... mmmmm ...
 and when I lay with him in bed on a night he runs his hands over my stubbly head and says he loves me! ahhhh, through the eyes of a child... wish I saw 'cool' when I looked in the mirror!

I've been on a mission to find something to wear to cover up the fact that I look like an extra from Star Trek and turn it all around into a positive, 
it's a chance to buy some fantastic scarves and experiment with a new look! mmmmm, it's a lot harder than it sounds!
I've been looking for inspiration...

but finding it hard to find some nice scarves... not being brave enough to be too loud and look like Carmen Miranda!
 I've found some lovely vintage scarves on eBay and Etsy and got very distracted by some of the amazing designs on some, especially Vera Neumann...

Very inspirational for colour and my screen printing.
But I'm too much of a fradey cat to wear them ...don't really want to draw attention to myself, So I've found some low key paisley ones instead!

There's a big trend for turbans at the moment too....

How beautiful!...
again, don't think I could pull this one off, I think I might lean more towards...

I do sing a little like hilda!
If anyone knows of any lovely scarf shops or has any inspiration I'd love to hear it :)
and so my quest continues.....!

.... just as an after thought, here's me sporting a paisley number!....

....yip, new name, Hilda!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

winter wish...

Last year we made a little washing line in the kitchen, then pegged paper autumn leave on with wishes for the winter and new year written on them. 
Some came true! Lil got her mobile, we had a great Christmas, and it snowed,
 some didn't come true...

and I never got my snog from Alex Turner, ho hum.

This year we've made paper swallows and started pegging our new wishes on for this winter and new year...

what would you wish for?

Friday, 23 September 2011

this week I be mostly....

It's very therapeutic, just stitching and matching colours and surveying buttons and wot-nots,  
eeeee life in the fast lane!

I started this project last May! ( I'm no longer the Lara croft of the sewing world as stated in the post!.... more of a layed back female Fonzie at the mo, although my energy is increasing!) Can't believe it was May! Last year!
Any how, it's all finished,

and it feels good to finish unfinished projects!
Have a fabulous weekend!:)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I don't know if you saw the post I did showing Suet Yi's beautiful ceramics, here,
I love Suet Yi's work, 
so as a treat to myself, a belated 40th pressy, I commissioned Suet Yi to create me a plate with Lil, Sonny & Sky on and here it is ( yellow is my favourite colour!) it's beautiful...

I'm so pleased with it, I don't know wether to have the plate framed in a deep oak frame, or use a plate wall mount!? soooo lovely!
See Suet Yi's Etsy shop here and website here and my post here.
Have a fantastic week!:)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

'Great tits'

I found this t-shirt design over at a great blog Mrs Cheese
The t-shirt is by this company and part of the money from the purchase goes to Breakthrough for breast cancer.
I think this t-shirt is very funny!... it appeals to my sense of humour, and it does you good to laugh when times are tough, it's good medicine!
I know it may offend some, but good or bad anything that draws attention and awareness to this charity and donates money can't be a bad thing!

I want a t-shirt with just one little birdy on the right hand side!!!.... I'm going to purchase and run the race for life in it next year!
See Mrs Cheese blog here :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm on a good week!

I'm on the good week of my first cycle of chemo, yay!
and I'm making the most of my energy, hair ( bits started falling out yesterday, lovely!, my Chris is a lucky man! I bet when he signed up to me 15 years ago he wasn't expecting a balding no eye browed one boobed wonder!!, I keep telling him he has to look at the beauty within... and mine just looks like Angelina Jolie, honestly it does!)... where was I , 
Oh yes,
making the most of my energy and the rest of my faculties whilst I still have them!! I now even enjoy the simple things in life like vacing round to Basement Jaxx!!

Have a wonderful energetic full on weekend, 'cos you can!! xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I fancied making these the other day! as you do!
If I now have time while resting up might as well do something productive with it!
I made this mermaid for the girls:)

Today Lil started high school! wow! where's the year gone? 
Soooo proud of my big girl! All the change is so exciting, isn't it fab watching your children grow and change?! So proud... sorry I've mentioned that, but I am!
Have a great first day gorgeous!! xxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

keep smiling...

One week into my chemo,
so far so good!..... if you can say that about chemo?!

I now know what it feels like to be flattened by a steam roller and feel 105!!!
One down 5 to go, and that feels good and keeps me smiling,
just like the things around me this morning:)

my new plate :)

my special hospital card from Chris and the kids, 
from Raw art Letter Press here

This little robin arrived through the post yesterday from the very kind Kate Slater which brightened my day so much, thank you Kate x

 my den of smiley faces!

kids count down... 

gorgeous cards and gifts,
Chris bought me my faves, sunflowers, which have constantly brightened the house and look ace in this fab Rob Ryan vase,

keep smiling:)
Have a fantastic 1st of September xx