Tuesday, 23 August 2011

every morning...

...we listen to this to keep us smiling and singing!
It's become our anthem!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Boxing gloves back on...

The Isle of Skye is beautiful!
The scenery is so dramatic and just wonderful, 
the views are food for the soul, so peaceful,
it all just went tooo fast as all good times do, can't believe it's over and we're back home!

the view outside our cottage,

treacle scones for breakfast,

walking, walking and...

more walking!

Ahhh so lovely,
well, it's back to business.
Boxing gloves back on, ding ding, round 3.
My Chemo starts next Thursday,
it's 'intensive', 6 cycles which will last the rest of the year ( I don't do stuff by halves)
I'm soaking up those positive vibes, wiping away the tears and snot, trying to prepare for what's to come, looking at hats, wigs and scarves, taking a deep breath, putting a smile and my face and getting on with it,
I'll save a fortune on shampoo and conditioner and there's no fear I'll catch head pets from the kids when they're back at school!

trying to look at the positives on this stage is tough, it just seems a long time and a lot of stuff to put myself through, 
but, we're getting closer to this being all over.
I can't say enough thank yous these days, 
your comments are so uplifting and I'm extremely grateful for them and your support, it helps me stay positive.
So here I go rocking the bald look for the Autumn season, hope it catches on! x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

I'm on cloud 9

This morning I woke up at 5.30 and looked out of the window, 
 the whole valley was filled with cloud, I was peeping trough the sky light above the cloud, 
which felt and looked great, 
the photo's don't capture the real loveliness and how magic the cloud looked,

I was literally on cloud 9,
which is true!
I had the best news yesterday, 
the results from my last op to remove my lymph nodes are all clear!!! 
soooooooooo pleased!
they couldn't find any more cancer, fan-blooomin-tastic!!!
I still may have to have chemo though as the 3 tumours I had total 6cm, which is considered quite large and that will be decided when I have a consultation with the chemo specialist on the 17th, so I may yet be joining the Yul Brynner appreciation society, ( who proves bald is beautiful!!)

but I feel soooo happy :)
 I couldn't have got through this without the totally amazing support from my gorgeous family and friends who have been the best ever, kept me strong and positive,
and all your amazing comments and support have been totally fantastic, 
I'm soooo very grateful,

 huge thank you xx to lovely hannah for my gorgeous lavender bag,

and thoughtful Flora who made me this gorgeous glass 'right as rain' rain drop taken from one of my artworks,

So touched,
thank you xx

whist recovering from my second op and waiting for the results we've been on gorgeous walks with fab friends and family, I've been invited out for meals, flown kites and had water fights, ate pizza and sipped Amaretto and loads more lovely times to help the waiting easier! 
I'm very lucky.

I know I'm still only half way through this,
and there's still some more tough times to come,
but so many positives have come from my experience so far,
the main one being it's a total wake up call to live life to the full, 
not just for me but everyone around me.
I know how extremely lucky I am, and not everyone gets the results they want to hear.
I think there's a lot to learn when life deals you a crappy card, and people who have to deal with the worst situations in life can only come out a stronger person with even closer friends and family.

So yeah!
best birthday pressie ever!
guess who's the BIG 4 - 0 tomorrow!
man alive, 40! life does literally begin at 40 for me!
I'm being whisked away up to Bonnie Scotland to the Isle of Skye for a beautiful week of family fun,
can't wait!:)

look at me! 
butter wouldn't melt!! I think my mum had the twin tub on hot when she washed that lovely orange 'crimpalene' number!!
Massive thanks again,
I think you're all fab and a true inspiration,
so cheers!
good health always and happy days! xx

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Junes Portrait...

Whilst in hospital I completed Junes portrait (I'm still so behind!)
This is my gorgeous Skyla ( I'm totally biased as every mum is!)
Sky was waiting to see the 'gongs', part of the fantastic must see Jaume Plensa exhibition at the Yorkshire sculpture Park.

She was staring at the large curtain of poetry...

The process of drawing this portrait was very therapeutic and calming and for that reason this one is very special to me :)