Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Manchester City Art Gallery

I love Manchester.
I love noticing new things every time I go.
I love the cityness, business, grittyness, streets and culture of Manchester.

And I love Manchester city Art Gallery on the side of China town.

We saw an amazing exhibition by a contemporary artist called Anish Kapoor.

His work was amazing! 
Lil, Sonny & Sky really love modern contemporary exhibitions, they get excited and chatty and are really open minded to what they see and seem to 'get it' straight away without question, and quickly asses which is their favourite and why.
Anish Kapoor's mirrored work was amazing, all hand made, perfectly.
 To quote the exhibition guide,

"Anish Kapoor's work can surprise, overwhelm and disorientate us. It can engage all our senses."

and it did!
This exhibition finishes on the 5th June, then goes to Edinburgh then Nottingham.
If you get a chance to go see it do! 

we really loved it:)

Monday, 30 May 2011


Lil, Sonny and Sky are on half term holiday so we have a few projects planned,
one being a little Mehndi (Henna tattooing to me and you!)
Last year I was inspired by Beth Gunnel's posts on her wonderful henna tattoo's and decided it would be a fun thing to do with the girls!

I did a little skull and cross bones on Sonny's hand because there was no way he would sit still for an hour... not even for me to take a photo!

We used this great book, Mehndi, by Carine Fabius (I've put it in my book shelf lovelies)
Which gave us the origins of Mehndi, the culture and rituals behind it which is so interesting!

We also used the design on the inside of the Yogi tea boxes as inspiration! I drink tonnes of Gingko and Liquorish tea and the design on the inside of the box is beautiful!

What do you think!? not bad for our first attempt!
The girls want to do it again in the summer holidays,
lets pray to the sun god for flip flop weather!!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

happy Birday...

new colour!
I've been screen printing today and did this design in a lovely ochre!
get your birday card here or here!
hope you've had a lovely day:)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Runswick Bay

We went back to Runswick Bay for the weekend for a family celebration.
It's my favourite Yorkshire sea side spot by far, totally unspoilt. 
It feels like you've stepped back in time 30 years and the kids love it.

I took plenty of photo's to inspire more screen prints perhaps!?....

I love this little house right on the edge of the sea, with it's thatched roof, it looks like a child's drawing.
It has an amazing allotment next to it with perfect little rows of carrots, beets, kale and potatoes, 
so perfect, 
I wonder if they grow better for the sea air?

Chris' brother said this house was on the market not so long ago for just under a million pounds!
I love how the wall is weather beaten, and just around the side is a big bay window looking directly out to sea. I bet this little house could tell a few sea tales.

This was the view from our little flat!

I got up early to go for a run on the beach,
I imagined to look like a Timotei ad, elegantly running along the beach, sun glimmering on the sea, pony tail swishing....

I looked more like a funky chicken as my feet kept sinking in the soft sand and had to give it up as a bad job to run on the road instead! 
best laid plans!
I did see a baby deer crossing the road and some beautiful scenery, so all good!

I do feel the calling of the sea, and I know someday I will live by the sea, I don't know how, I just do.
I could watch it for ages, and I'm going to really really miss our holiday abroad this year.
Still, we'll have fab adventures were ever we go!

hope you had a wonderful weekend:)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Suet Yi

I've fallen in love with Suet Yi's beautiful work.
I discovered her work on Etsy when looking for a gift for a friends birthday, and when I received the beautiful little dish I didn't want to part with it!
So beautifully made and the designs are so simple, elegant and timeless...
So I've bought a few more!!
Suet Yi is a student from Hong Kong on her final year of a decorative arts course at Nottingham Trent University.
Here are a selection of plates from Suet Yi's shop,

On Suet Yi's Website you can see three D ceramics and some of her wonderful drawings,

 To see more of Suet Yi's work visit her website here, and lovely Etsy shop here:)
Have a wonderful weekend:)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

once upon a time...

...a long long time ago,
before Lil sonny Sky
I wrote and illustrated a few books with the publishers Piccadilly Press.
Rufus and The Blackberry Monster was first published in 1999!
I feel I've grown so much as an illustrator and artist, and this work seems like a lifetime ago.

I received copies of Rufus through the post yesterday as it's been re-published in Australia by Hinkler, and even though I look at the illustrations and can't believe it's my work I'm still quite proud that children will still be reading the story of brave little Rufus 12 years on!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

fabric fossils...

I finished the final piece for the Holmfirth artweek exhibition.
I've really enjoyed sewing this piece, just the therypy I needed:)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

instant comfort...

...in your pocket!

How wonderful are these instant comfort pocket boxes by the talented Kim Welling,
I love affirmations and positivity and these are just perfect to keep with you when you need that reassurance and just to make you smile:)

I could have done with one of these this morning as Sonny is on a bit of a testosterone surge at the mo, he seems to solve all his problems with ... well, mindless violence really (little clenched fists and kicking) he's also sooooopa mischievous and got told off for tripping Sky up on purpose on the way to school, 
he's also pestering me for more Karate lessons, a mohican and drumming lessons .....little boys!

I could have also done with this one too as it was drizzling all the way to school (you know the fine stuff that wets you through), and my hair and drizzle don't go, even with a hat on, and I ended up looking like Chrystal Tips (oooo showing my age now!)

See Kim Welling's work in her Etsy shop here, blog here and website here.

be positive today, you can do anything..... even handle naughty little boys!:)