Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fab Friday!

I found these wonderful snap cards from Mini Boden via the ace design resourse blog Print & Pattern.

They are free to down load and print here!
All the designs are taken from this seasons fab kids clothes, which my kids love!


Happy snapping!

This weekend we are going here, to see how the Vikings lived, so we've been doing our homework and been reading viking books! We're also booked in for the DIG! should be fun!
Have a fabulous weekend:)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My creative space...

My creative space has been at WYPW screen printing with my lovely friend Nicki... here busy blasting a screen clean with the water jet,

drying rack,

screen bed,

2 colours on new print,

3 colours...

test sheets,

Driven by the fact that I'm desperate for spring to come after another bout of ice & snow, I used crocus purple and daffodil yellow!

Sring girl 2
and an adaptation from Spring face 1, Spring breeze.
I'll be listing them in my Etsy & Folsky shop this week. I feel very happy that I have managed to get some personal work done in between all the snow disruption and commercial work - fab!

See more wonderful creative spaces at the amazingly innovative Kootoyoo.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The A4 Draw

I found out about the A4 draw via V for Violet's post 'a little treat'

Well, I'm all for treats, surprises, gambles and lotteries and when that's combined with art by such talents as Rob Ryan, Sally Faulkner, Amy Blackwell and Gemma Correll, and new up and coming talent then count me in!

Find out more here then buy your tickets here, but hurry the draw is the beginning of March, good luck ;)

Monday, 22 February 2010

can't wait...

From this....

to this.....

Out on the 5th of March, as a big Alice in Wonderland fan I'm really looking forward to Tim Burton version of this Classic story.

busy tooth fairy

The tooth fairy has been sooooo busy, so busy in fact that she forgot to take the tooth carefully placed under the pillow with a note saying " I haven't lost it this time!" and replace it with a coin! poor Sky. Luckily for Sky, the fairy was running late and managed to place it there later in the day, which she found when I prompted her to double check...phew!

I think the fairy was busy catching up with jobs she'd promised to do ages ago, like make a '2010' for Sonny's calendar...

and catching up with old friends to book a couple of nights in a Riad in Marrakech in a months time!

Bad tooth fairy!!!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Fab friday!

The girls and I stayed up on Tuesday night with nibbles & pop (I mean things to eat and drink not two little borrowers that live by the skirting board!) to watch The Brits.
The girls wanted to see Cheryl Cole's dancing and Dizzee Rascal and I wanted to see Florence Welch.
Here are our fave bits, have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My Creative Space...

My creative space is chaotic this week as it's half term, so it's filled with children, poster paint and play dough!!

BUT, I have managed to finish my fabric art of my screen print,

I stitched her onto a grey tea towel I bought from Ikea to see how she looked in different colours, and used a vintage red button for one of the cheeks. I was tempted to use a red zip, I love zips, but used a piece of Lils old broken belt which works well I think!....a bit of a rock chick rather than a spring chick!

I used Kirsty's french knot tutorial for her freckles, although they're not as neat as Kirsty's they have the desired effect!

I'm now planning my next Spring girl screen print and how to experiment with the colours, to brighten up yet another foggy grey wintry day!

Take a look at more creative spaces at the fab inspirational Kootoyoo.

Ron Mueck

When we were in China town on Sunday we called into the city art Gallery.

The kids were blown away by an exhibition by Ron Mueck, an Australian hyper-realist sculptor working in Great Britain.

His work is soooo life like! Amazing! and quite eeerie because they look so real and there's a feeling of desperation on some of the subjects faces which is quite unnerving along with the unnatural size of the sculptures.... amazing!
The face above is about 6ft high and it looked like it was going to move and speak to us any minute. Sonny couldn't believe it and was very wary of the sculptures at first, amazing!

This couple were about 50cm, and looked like they were breathing, like little borrowers!
The hair on their skin looks so real, you must check out the exhibition if you're in Manchester, you'll be amazed!
oooo.... did I mention it was amazing!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pancake day...

What are you going to have on your pancake?

We're doing pancake related crafts on this cold shrove Tuesday half term holiday.

year of the Tiger!....

On Sunday we celebrated the Chinese new of the Tiger in Manchester's China Town, which has the second largest Chinese community in the country next to London.
We saw the dragon dancing through the streets to beating drums, fire crackers and fireworks, which scared Lil a little as they were so loud....eeee it was like a crowd scene in a James Bond film!

We sneaked off out of the crowds to a restaurant for noodles, crispy chicken, rice & Satay chicken, gorgeous!!

I love taking the kids to events like this, it's the next best thing to travelling.
I sometimes think we're a bit sheltered in our little country spot and don't get enough city life and the culture and experiences it has to offer!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Friday at Winnies...

We've had such a busy weekend! ( I'll post later) it started with,

Friday night, I went out with Tanya and Geraldine to the opening of the new Winnie's premises in the White Rose Gallery in Holmfirth. There was live music and a cocktail fountain! ( Which was hard to resist to keep my t-total February up!)

Deb Price's sculptures and jewelry are created with textiles and vintage finds and are full of character and personality. This little bird that perches on our fire place is by Deb price and we love her! If you're in Holmfirth call in and see more of her wonderful work and other local local talent...

V for Violet's fab vintage fabric cushions,

Made at Greenview wonderful purses and glasses cases.

So Friday was filled with art, culture and intelligent conversation..... ok maybe not the last bit but still a good 'laff'!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fab friday!

When I'm working I often play songs from this site The Black cab sessions, where artists sing a song live in the back of a cab as it drives around London.
My favourite is Lykke Li, have a listen, it's great!

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My Creative Space...

Wow, it's nearly Thursday!

My creative space has been filled with meeting deadlines for work... especially when the kids break up for half term on Friday! Man alive, time is truly whizzing by!

...But in between the bread and butter stuff I thought I'd experiment with the 'spring head' I did and try it out in fabric...

so far...

And fueling my creativity in my space is this little fella! Do you buy things just because you like the label? I do! and it's lovely, like flat appley ginger beer!...oooo you can see why I didn't go into advertising!!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

Voices in the Park, by Anthony Browne, published by Doubleday, is one of Lil's favourite Anthony Brown books (this being the other one...future book of the week!)

Four very different people enter the Park, and through their eyes and the amazing illustrations and use of type, we see four different versions of a walk in the park.

It's such a clever book, the story moves from one voice to another with their personality's reflected in the changing seasons and surrealistic ( that a word? it is now!!) landscape and beautiful detailed illustrations.

It's one of those books that every time we read it we notice something new, a crocodiles shadow behind a tree, a burning bush, a gorilla on the top of the flats! Which makes it a read and read again book without it loosing the magic of the first time read.

Our book is signed which makes it extra special!

I found out that Voices in The Park is a re-make of A walk in the park by Anthony Browne written twenty years ago, also Anthony Browne is a Yorkshire lad! born in Sheffield! home grown talent!

It's a fab read together book and inspires lots of interaction, questions and chat, perfect for a bed time read.
See past books of the week here happy reading!