Monday, 31 August 2009

A day at Yorkshire sculpture park...

Yet another great day at The YSP, ( it's just one of my favourite places in the world to take the kids and they love it!) There's something new to discover every time we go, gorgeous park land filled with wonderful art and sculptures including work from local sculptors Barbara Hepworth (above) and Henry Moore! just fab! I have so many lovely family memories at this park and school holidays rarely go by without a visit.

Lily pads... inspiration for a new screen print I want to do,
A quick game of Pooh sticks before we go home, another inspiring creative day!

Friday, 28 August 2009

screen printing therapy...

There's something very therapeutic about screen printing for me, I don't know if it's seeing your work in a hand made production line , knowing that each print is slightly different, miss registration, spots of ink, gaps in the screen that add to the rustic-ness of them. Or the shear experimentation of color and guess work  (fingers crossed) that it'll look as imagined and planned.

and (thankfully) it does!
Right as rain
I managed to complete 2 little designs I'd been working on, which will be in my shop next week!
Love bird

Thursday, 27 August 2009

'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi is a book about...well, pooing!! ( in fact it's amazing how many books we have on the subject!... and they'll be more to come , ooo can you tell I've had to go through potty training three times!!)

My kids are fascinated by the subject! and laugh at the different animals doing their business in their different ways,      (in fact, I think I never gave the subject a second thought until I became a parent. As soon as Lil was born I was obsessing over colour, consistency and how often, openly chatting to other new parents about it too and the contents of their little darlings nappies!!!... Oh I  apologise if your eating..)
So yeah, even after potty and toilet training is a distant memory ( and thank goodness! I still have nightmares of Skyla walking like John Wayne down the cereal isle of the Co-op to the loos with lovely presents for mummy in her pants!...thank goodness it was solid!! I apologise again, too much information, but it is a memory hard to shake off, and one of many poo stories, well every parent has them!!) this book is still a firm favourite!

The illustrations are lovely and honest from Taro Gomi, who has illustrated lots of other books, which are on my wish list! We have one of his scribbles books which are fab for inspiring little imaginations, and great for long car journeys. 

We always end Everybody Poops by adding,  Even the queen poops (giggles), even Gabriella off H.S.M poops (shock! but giggles) even, your teacher poops!!! ( No way!!!!! giggles) Way!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wow, Thank you,

Thank you for all the lovely lovely comments left about my quilt square, I very rarely get any comments ( I often think nobody reads my blog other than my mum and Lily in computer time at school) So, to receive so much positive feed back is very uplifting so thank you very much I really appreciate it :)x 


Last weekend we went camping with these fab people to Robins hood Bay, and despite midges, air beds, snoring, wasps, horse flies! and hot to cold weather ( typical camping trip really!) we had a great time.
( Steve, Linda, Me, Sky, Sonny, Mackenzie, Lil, Marnie, Ruby, Rich, Chris & Ana)
We spent the Sunday in Whitby, famous for Bram Stokers Dracular, and here's Ana and Rich climbing the steps to the church and ruined Abbey..... note the dramatic clouds in the background!
seaside town of Whitby
Lil and Mackenzie crabbing on the beach
And of course we all had fish and chips well it would be rude not to!
So we survived another camping trip!! still washing and packing everything back up but the great company makes it all worth while!!! Thanks guys your ace mates!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

I have finished my square for the quilt project and it is currently in a parcel heading it's way across the otherside of the world to Australia! Wow isn't the internet amazing!
I've really enjoyed the thought process of creating this square and thinking in a single colour. I'm thinking of turning this into a screen print because it would work well with just a few colours. See other artists work here and I'll keep you posted on the process of the project.

creative kids

I was sewing all day yesterday, working on the red quilt project and Sky wanted to sew with me. She drew her clown design onto the fabric and then started sewing, and she was brilliant! a natural,
She definitely gave me a run for my money, 
in fact I think she's way more neater and patient than I'll ever be!
and here's Mr clown, squirty flower and honking horn an all! well done sky! V proudxx

Monday, 24 August 2009

train of thought...

after a busy weekend camping ( in beautiful Robinhoods bay with fab friends - photo's to follow... when I've sorted them out, job No 36!) I'm spending a morning in my studio sorting and organising. I've  been working on ideas for the Red Quilt project organised by Kootoyoo...

I received my calico square to work on last week and as I ironed it flat to work on ( which incidental, as I ironed, the square gave off a very strong smell of rice pudding and I had flash backs of school dinners and stirring in as much jam as I was allowed to hide the taste of the rice pudding and just being really grateful it wasn't semolina ... or even worse tapioca... frog-spawn disguised as a milk pudding!)
my train of thought was to think about the word Red and what was around me that was red and what was the first images I thought of when thinking of the colour red....
what's on my desk that's red...
what I had on that was red...
on my wall that's red...
my favourite book... Alice shouting at the Queen of hearts ( illustration by Sir John Tenniel)
the queen of hearts...
 red hearts...luuurve...a sketch...not red enough...
little red... this fab website, illustration by Walter Crane...
wolf & Red, illustration by Margaret Evens Price
inspiration gathered, start sketching...
and now I'm ready to start sewing! 
I've loved looking at the great work other artists have been doing (here and here  and here) and it's a pleasure to be involved with such a great project in very talented company!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

special delivery

We have a stand in post-lady (She's a bit tired, she's been up early) for my usual postman, ( I think Lil is expecting something very special but Bob the builder's got another bill again!!)
She brought me this fab print from the talented Yee Haw. It's a present for my brother who is a massive music lover, especially 70's funk, Jazz & soul. When I lived at home we would spend many a sunday morning in our dressing gowns strutting our stuff  and shaking our booties to "sex machine" in a James Brown stylie!!
So this is going away to the framers and then going to be sent to santa!
But in the meantime, this is for you Ian x

'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

This book is one of the cutest cuddly-est books ever. Bugs in a blanket by Italian illustrator Beatrice Alemagna is about Little Fat Bug who has a birthday party inviting all the other bugs in the blanket who he has never met before. To his surprise they are all different! It's a story about celebrating all our differences and accepting the way we are born!! It's really sweet and the illustrations are gorgeous and represent the text perfectly!
Little Fat Bug
Little Yellow Bug
"He thought the other little bugs would all be fat and white, just like him. What a disappointment!"
"So, having settled that, they scurry onto the dance floor and start dancing,"
I love the little bug's face with the spotty top on, Sonny likes the bug in the the middle with the big open mouth - we imagine him to be saying "Yeah, let's shake some bug booty on the dance floor!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

one more...

One more little fabric art for the Umbrella Prints challenge! ... there's no stopping me! I've really enjoyed being inspired by their lovely fabrics and developing my personal artworks, also I love a challenge!!  I've only a few pieces left of the trimmings now and have planned to do one last piece. It's not too late to enter the competition and the deadline has been extended  to the 8th of September. Check out other entrants work here.

Monday, 17 August 2009

building great memories...

We left all this behind...the toy explosion from the kids entertaining themselves while I packed!
and travelled down to Oxford,
to have a fab time with great fab friends in lovely fab Oxfordshire
tried to catch butterflies in their beautiful garden,

got all cultured and creative at the Tate Modern London
watched street performers, wined and dined and shopped in Covent Garden,
confronted by tigers,
felt the sand between our toes,
feeling sleepy outside st. Pauls Cathedral London
had a "laff" and got merry!
Then as all great things do , our little holiday came to an end and we had to head back up North, filled with fab memories and feeling lucky to have great friends. 

So yeah , back to work today, and as predicted, I'm eeeeasing myself back into it slowly -  scanner's no longer working after a weeks sleep - great -  why do electrical things do that when you go away? I've tried the turn it off and then back on highly technical approach ..... but computer said naaa :(
 It's not all bad though, I filled my little sketch book with ideas after lots of inspiration from Oxford and London, and we're going away camping next weekend to Robinhoods bay so not long to wait before our next adventure!
Are we really on week 5 of the kids holidays!!