Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday fun

The last official day of the summer half term was spent in one of our favourite places in the whole wide world ever, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We went to see work by Sophie Ryder for the billionth time! The kids love the giant figures with rabbits heads and love to spot little objects which have been embedded into the giant bronze sculptures.
Sonny's fave was a little car he found...
...and Sky loved a cheese grater!
But best of all running in between all the fabulous sculptes on a beautiful sunny day!...back to work next week!... only 7 weeks till the 6 weeks summer hol!! happy days.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Constant inspiration

I have always loved the work of Painter and printmaker Anita Klein. Her work is a visual diary of her family life bringing up her two girls and situations of domestic bliss, cooking, watching TV, drinking wine (a lady after my own heart!) And her nude figure work is beautiful. The reason I love her work so much though is not just because the prints are so beautifully done but because I can relate my own life directly in her work, and even though her figures are her and her daughters and husband, they are drawn in a way that it could be anyone too...does that make sence? ( I can see that you're thinking - eeee you've missed your vocation as an art critic, you have such an amazing way of describing art!) but yeah, she's fab!
We're actually the very proud owners of two pieces of her artwork, ( I'd like to say I'm an art collector, but the fact that when I purchased the above piece we had to re-mortgage the house and live off baked potatoes for a month might mean that I can't really officially use that title) The above piece is called Leila in the morning. It reminded me so much of Lily sneaking into bed with me every morning for a cuddle and the colours are so beautiful, my naff photo doesn't give them justice.
This peice is called squeezing lemons, which is an activity my husband loves to do when I'm washing up or putting the washing in the washer! I had to buy it for Chris because it was just him! and I'd had my hair cut short at the time so it was perfect! It's a drypoint print and hangs in our bathroom so when I'm relaxing in the bath with a vino Rose I can gaze at it's fabness! I've just bought a book of her recent works which documents her girls growing up and leaving for college, it's so inspirational. I would love to buy another piece, an oil painting or a many different fillings can you think of for baked potatoes?

Chubby hands and Asian arts

The girls had a great time at Asian arts and came home very colourful and extra gorgeous!

And while the girls were there, me and Sonny went on the Mac for some Cbeebies action! He's such a whizz at 3 and a half he picks things up so quickly, his little chubby hand clicking away on the mouse, (I love little toddler hands, where they have big dimples where there knuckles are supposed to be and little elastic bands around there wrists!) He can't hold a pencil properly yet and can just manage the S and O of his name yet can whizz around the computer screen creating pictures on Scribbler no problem. 
I think the Mac's so easy for him to use because it's so visual and user friendly, he knows to click the Safari symbol and then to click on the Cbeebies symbol in bookmarks no problem. At nursery they have a little computer bar and the little ones sit at the computers with ear phones on wheeling the mouse around! and they seem to sit quite nicely next to the sand pit and dressing up corner! It's just going to be second nature to them and Sonny's going to run circles around his 'ole Mum.....come to think of it he does now!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Summer half term!

Summer half term just springs up on you, so far we've been doing a bit of planting...
... watching hot air balloons go by (this would make lovely inspiration for a design, fab colours!)...
... a bit of sewing...
... making play dough space scenes, I love Lil's winking moon...
... and of course no holiday's complete without a baking session that must of course involve chocolate! could we put enough sweet stuff on these choc chip buns!! And now the girls are at Asian Arts club doing Henna tattooing and Bollywood dancing! how fab's that!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

A mothers Pride!

The weather just doesn't know what to do, one minute raining the next glorious sunshine which has been great for our beautiful Lilac trees and our tiny peas!
Just need to say, our Lily did fantastic again in the local school races, coming 3rd out of 180 runners! Well done Lil, I'm bursting with pride again! I just want to tell everyone and I think I'm fast becoming one of those annoying Mums who goes on and on about their kids achievements... well it would be rude not to I say, and it's rule No 6. in the How to be  a fab Mum hand book....

No 6. All Mums should boast to all other Mums in the playground about any sporting/academic achievement their child has done, and, casually play down/ not mention/change the subject of any unfortunate incidents your child has done towards other children, eg. banging other child on head with Tonka truck, burying other childs sandwiches in sandpit etc...

well done gorgeous!

I finished a screen printed version of a piece of fabric art I did a while ago, which suits the weather and my mood perfectly!.....did I mention my Lily came 3rd in the local schools running event?

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

surprises and hankies

I got a beautiful bunch of yellow Gerbera's and Lilly's delivered to me today, from my Chris apparently because I'm fab!! ah thanks luvvie, your a bit fab too! 

I've been busy working away on ideas for my next screen prints and some fabric art ready to put in my Etsy shop in the beginning of June and whilst doing a bit of online research....ok while idly loosing myself on the world wide web , I found the great Sukie shop and their Hankies page! How fab, bring back the hankie I say!!

My Gran always had a hankie tucked up her cardigan sleeve just incase, and my dad always has a hankie on hand when one of my kids does one of those great explosive sneezes!   Sukie's hankies are way too nice to use for an explosive sneeze though. They are 50x50cm , so for someone like me who was first in line when they were handing out generous noses (why couldn't I have been first in the line for long legs) ...(although I've been told it's a sign of genius and strength the Roman emperor's....ok so I'm grasping at straws!)
 So yeah, Sukie has the perfect hankie for me, the trouble is they're all so lovely, mmm which  to pick? ...Hankie of course not my nose!

Monday, 18 May 2009

I actually did it!

I actually climbed up Pen-y-ghent, the start of the 3 peaks!! for someone who gets out of puff climbing the stairs it was quite an achievement, so V proud of myself! Thanks to the lovely Marina who was our guide and fab friends who went too, Ana, Cathrine, Steph and Linda!  
I also managed to finish a little fabric art that I was working on and my jolly postman brought this lovely book by the talented Helen Dardik, happy days!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thanks Mr laughing Postman!

Look what the postman brought me yesterday! Am I getting older or are the postmen getting younger? He was very giggly when he brought me this beautiful print by the very talented Helen Dardik which I bought through Monkey Powered on Etsy. Can't wait to frame it and have it hanging on my studio wall.... wonder why he was giggling?

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Just Skyla!

I bought this tile from the fantastic
Mr Rob Ryan through Etsy  a while ago. The words are just my daughter Skyla who makes us laugh so much with the statements she comes out with. Once she was pulling me up the hill to school, "slow down Sky" I told her, to which she replied " I can't stop Mummy, my feet are just so happy!"    Once, when we were in the car park at dance class and I'd commented on one of the Mums being pregnant, Skyla said all matter of factly, " She isn't Mummy, she's just had a haircut" eeee the innocence, I want it to last forever!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Rocky Road

This weekend consisted of visiting friends, and I arrived at every door with a plate of Rocky road... although being made by a Yorkshire lass should be called Cobbled hill!  I've made many variations of this using different biscuits and orange chocolate and adding nuts... in an attempt to be healthy, because lets face it, RR isn't for anyone watching their figure... a moment on the lips , a lifetime on the hips,  but oooo it's worth it! and it's the best PMT cure ever!
We also went walking to Ladybower Reservoir which was beautiful especially when you have a tupperware box of Rocky road! and Sonny and I managed to squeeze in a quick game of Ben 10, why do I always have be the alien?

Thursday, 7 May 2009


I've just finished another piece of fabric art , a cameo of a french cat....called Tiddles. I want to do another one but with maybe some Eiffel tower fabric as a background, then maybe an Italian cat on a scooter saying "ciao" or even a Yorkshire cat in a flat cap saying "eh up chuck" maybe not! 
I just wanted to add, how very very proud of my big girl Lily I am for coming 3rd in a local running event out of 220 girls, Wow! I'd like to take total credit for it and say what do you expect with a clean living athletic icon for a mother... but I'd be lying ( really lying, I'm out of breath running up the stairs... and then forget what it was I wanted when I get up there!) So yeah, well done Lil you make me so proud, I'm a lucky Mumx

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The glass is half full!

I spent today screen printing with my friend Nickie. It's great to have a break from my home studio and work in a different environment (and have a real person to talk to and not just my Mac.... ok, so I talk to my computer, it's no big deal, the lady across the road talks to her washing line.)   I'd had a bad start to my day, driving the kids to school the wind screen wipers broke and it was raining hard. Only the passenger side wiper was screeching up and down so I had to drive back home with my head craned to one side. When I got home to phone Chris to report it, ( cars being Chris's responsibility... well I need to delegate some jobs!!)  the phone line was down, so I grabbed my mobile to credit, eeeeee
But hey, things could be worse, as the print says, the glass is really half full!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Bank holiday weekend!

I love long weekends, I think every weekend should be 3 days long! It was filled with cooking, friends, a trip to the zoo and a trip to the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton and a very windy walk up Mam Tor, on the out-skirts of Buxton.... followed by more cooking by my budding Jamie Oliver! (Eye protection required when crushing cream crackers in a Ben 10 stylie!) Skyla also did some fab drawing from an Ed Emberley book I bought her at Easter....ah , holidays just go too fast!